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New Applications


Each year The George Oliver Foundation funds a number of different projects. 

Applications are accepted from UK registered charities of any size. We make 4-5 grants of between £5,000 and £7,500 each year. Funding decisions are made at the start of each charity year (for us this is April to April) grants are then made during the course the year. We will also consider applications for smaller amounts of funding.

There is further information about how the application process works and our offical "Criteria for project funding" below. 

We accept applications at any time through the year. The next round of funding will be in April 2017, the deadline for these applications is 31st January 2017.

To apply please print/download and complete the Application Form

Please send your application by email to the following email address:



And/Or by post to - The Millstream, Brookstones, Sydenham, Chinnor, OX39 4LY


The George Oliver Foundation - "Criteria for project funding"


All applications will be judged using the following criteria:


a)            Details of project: 


To be provided in sufficient detail for the Trustees to be able to fully consider the project. Including a description of the project, the proposed impact of funding, what the funding will be used for (a breakdown of expenditure if appropriate) and the aims of the project. We will also require information as to when funding will be required. All applicants should also provide details of the organisation applying for a grant and details of activities carried out.


b)            Ethos of project:


The George Oliver Foundation will support charities that seek to provide children with love, help and support, irrespective of religion/race or socio-economic background. We need to know who will benefit from the project and for this group to meet our ethos.


c)            Fit of project with aims of The George Oliver Foundation:


We believe that every child is born with the right to love, freedom and happiness. The George Oliver Foundation strives simply to raise funds to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in any way that we can. Applicants need to explain how any grant will meet this requirement.


d)           Ability of charity to provide The George Oliver Foundation with feedback:


The George Oliver Foundation reports back to its supporters on how the money they have donated has been utilised and the effect that the projects it supports have. Applicants need to show how they will meet this feedback requirement and can help us engage with our supporters and make these projects real for them.


e)            Sustainability of projects/charities:


Many projects are “long-term” in scope and if this is the case, applicants will be expected to show how projects are sustainable and the direction they will go in the future. We also fund “one-off” projects, in which case, applicants need to show why and how the projects will meet their objectives. Applicants are also requested to show if there is potential for “long-term” partnering with The George Oliver Foundation.


f)             How project obtains funding:


The George Oliver Foundation is particularly keen to assist in projects that may otherwise not happen due to lack of funding. Please make this clear in your application if it applies to your project. Furthermore The George Oliver Foundation encourages applicants to provide details of any “extensions” to the main grant in the case that our fundraising exceeds targets.

Shortlist & Decision
We expect to shortlist 10 applicants and the decision of the trustees will be final. The Trustees may then require further information at which time we will contact you..

If you have any further questions please contact us at

We look forward to receiving your application!