The George Oliver Foundation
2016/17 projects
In 2016-17 we funded these four projects -
- At home play therapy sessions and support services with Haven House Children's Hospice
- "Kaleidoscope Club" arts therapy project with Arts For All
- Helpline support for families with disabled children run by Fledglings
- Education project for Syrian refugee children in Northern Jordan with War Child

Haven House Children's Hospice "Butterfly Project"
Haven House is a children's hospice offering respite, end of life and palliative care to children with life limiting and life-threatening conditions. The George Oliver Foundation is making a donation of £7,500 to their new “Butterfly Project” which aims to provide a choice of hospice services to families in their own home. The project is being established to give families real choice in their place of care, of death and of emotional and bereavement support. Part of this will be providing at home play sessions with a trained care team, giving both the child and the family or carers much needed support in their own home. This project promotes the best possible quality of life and care for every baby, child or young person with a life-limited condition and their family.
Haven House provides holistic care for children – as well as specialist nursing care this includes music and play therapy and therapeutic yoga. They also provide family support services for parents, siblings and the extended family. They support an ethnically and culturally diverse population, 30% of families are Muslim, and one of their core values is to engage with, and respect, the diversity of all communities.

Haven House will provide activity reports and case studies to demonstrate the value of the work carried out by their care team and we hope that our support can assist them in making desperately sad times as positive and supportive as possible.


Arts for All "Kaleidoscope Club"
Arts For All is a highly creative charity that has been serving the disadvantaged communities of Tower Hamlets and Hackney for 14 years. The organization runs structured weekly art therapy sessions to engage people of all ages from diverse cultures and background and those with special needs. The centre sits within one of the most deprived areas of the UK, some 85% of families served by the centre are unemployed and three quarters have English as their second language.

The George Oliver Foundation contributed £5,130 towards the creative club "Kaleidoscope" which supports disadvantaged and disaffected children and young people aged 5 to 16. Around 60 children a week access the free project which is run by staff and volunteers to use art therapy techniques to help its members. 95% of these will reconnect with school and proceed to further education and/or employment. A partnership with the National Autistic Society ensures that children on the autism spectrum can also access and join the club. We have funded one sessional worker for a year.


Fledglings Helpline

Fledglings is a charity that was set up to assist families caring for children who are sick and disabled. They offer a telephone and email helpline to support families facing multiple challenges in relation to their children's special needs. They assist in sourcing specific products that can improve quality of life, including bespoke products as and when required. The service also provides a supportive and understanding contact point for families who may be overwhelmed by the many different challenges they are facing. Fledglings is consistently recommended from family to family and several of the helpline staff are parents of children with disabilities themselves. 

By informing, educating and enabling parents, Fledglings helps to ensure that parents can best support their child's wellbeing, development and inclusion and help their children reach their potential to have happier and fulfilling lives regardless of disability. They are a small charity but they give support to an average of 175 families every week.
Our £5,000 donation was part of the funding for a member of helpline staff. Demand for this service is growing by 17% a year and feedback is consistently that Fledglings makes a huge difference to people's lives.

This donation was made in loving memory of George's Great-Grandparents George & Laura Oliver, both of whom were lucky enough to know George and loved him very much.


War Child

War Child's mission is to support and improve the protection and care of children and young people who live in some of the worst conflict affected places. The George Oliver Foundation funded £7,416.50 to continue support of the education programme for 100 vulnerable Syrian children in Districts 7 and 10 of the Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan. The programme focusses on numeracy and literacy skills but also importantly provides a safe and structured environment for these children within the chaotic and extremely challenging environment around them.

The ability of these children to access education will help them and their families to look towards a more positive future. It is estimated that as well as the children, the project will reach a further 40 parents/caregivers directly and 400 family members/people indirectly. War Child also work hard to create Education Engagement Groups as well as monitoring child protection issues. You can read more about other War Child projects we have supported here and here


We know that each of these projects is run by excellent and dedicated people, bringing help directly to where it is desperately needed. We are really proud to have supported each of them. 

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