The George Oliver Foundation

The George Oliver Foundation funded 12 weekly Soundmix music sessions for children and young people at the Refugee Council in Croydon.

Soundmix was founded in 2006 and exists in order to provide structured music and arts activity to children and young people who are newly arrived in the UK, many of whom have no family support.  Soundmix works alongside the Refugee Council providing a range of music workshops, helping these young people to adjust to their new circumstances.

These young people have often escaped extremely traumatic experiences in their country of origin. Many of them have been caught up in wars or extreme poverty and subjected to violence. They are usually brave and resilient but very vulnerable and can suffer from mental health issues, especially depression. Soundmix offers these children a regular, structured and enjoyable activity in their chaotic and stressful lives. It also provides a vital opportunity to improve their English and a chance to alleviate their loneliness, mixing with other young people of different nationalities in a safe environment.

Soundmix is a largely voluntary organization and has been working hard for many years to help these most vulnerable children. We are really pleased to have supported this important project.