The George Oliver Foundation
One to One Children's Fund, Kosovo


The George Oliver Foundation funded a new wheelchair accessible minibus for the children’s day care centre in Prizren, Kosovo


The George Oliver Foundation supported One to One Children’s Fund with funding for a new wheelchair accessible minibus to transport about 130 children with disabilities every week safely to and from the day care centre in Prizren. 90 percent of children who attend the day care centre rely on this minibus and the old minibus had been out of service for some months. Without the wheelchair accessible minibus it was impossible for many children to access the important facilities available at the Children's Centre in Pirzen. There is a picture of the bus below. 


About One to One Children's Fund in Kosovo
In 2010, One to One Children's Fund set up a project in Kosovo to improve the care services available to vulnerable children and their families. This involved setting up two day care centres, based in Prizren and Peja, run by skilled psychosocial professionals. Through these centres, individual and group work has been organised for children with the aim of maximising their potential. They have also worked with families to help teach them how best to care for their children with disabilities, and carried out outreach work in the community to raise awareness and reduce stigma.

It has been over a decade since the civil conflict in Kosovo came to an end, but the country is still dealing with the legacy of that conflict, particularly in the area of social and family services. Despite increasing efforts in recent years to improve the provision of social services, only limited progress has been achieved. There are approximately 20,000 children with disabilities and other special needs in Kosovo who suffer from social exclusion in their daily life. These children need specialised support and care to help them reach their potential and enable them to lead more fulfilling lives, but the overall level of services available for these disabled and abused children remains unsatisfactory and is far from meeting their needs (European Commission Staff Working Paper, Kosovo 2011).

One to One Children's Fund works to relieve the suffering of children who are innocent victims of poverty, disease and conflict. They work hand in hand with communities to develop and implement projects which can be scaled and replicated. By delivering sustainable projects and empowering local people, One to One Children’s Fund succeeds in rebuilding lives. They run projects in South Africa and the Middle East as well as in Kosovo. We are really pleased to have supported One to One Children’s Fund in their important work.