The George Oliver Foundation
Carefree Kids
The George Oliver Foundation supported Carefree Kids with funding for one of the organisation’s key supervisors and trainers.

Carefree Kids works with deeply troubled children in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. They are a very small charity that offers free therapeutic work to children that are identified by local schools as being in great need of help. Over a long period of time they also recruit and train local volunteers in these therapeutic play techniques, therefore creating an affordable and sustainable option for local children in great need of support.

Carefree Kids was founded in 2003 by Ros Kane. Through use of specifically trained volunteers Carefree Kids enables children in great need of help to gain vital therapeutic support that they would otherwise have no way of accessing.

They also support the parents and carers involved and train school staff in therapeutic responses and techniques.

The results are far-reaching. Children develop increased self-esteem and confidence, they learn how to control anger and physical aggression and they improve relationships with adults and peers. School staff therefore also report that children are more able to learn and much less disruptive. Parents and carers also find great improvement in home life and relationships within the family.

Through recruiting local volunteers Carefree Kids also brings a wider benefit to the community. During the course of their training and subsequent work, volunteers lives are greatly enriched by learning meaningful new skills. These skills will also be transferred to other children in their personal and professional lives.

Carefree Kids has worked with disadvantaged children in two-thirds of the schools in Waltham Forest and in offering this affordable option to cash-strapped schools they make it possible for children from the most under-privileged backgrounds to receive good quality, long-term, individual help.  

We are very proud to have supported such an effective and beneficial organisation.

You can read more about Carefree Kids here