The George Oliver Foundation
Sick Children's Trust 2011

In 2011 The George Oliver Foundation supported The Sick Children's Trust and funded part of the extension to Stevenson House.

Stevenson House provides "home from home" free accomodation to families with children being treated at the Royal London Children’s Hospital, Whitechapel.

The extension was completed on time and under budget, and to a very high standard. We have visited Stevenson House and have seen first hand the excellent facilities and support provided to families at a time of great need. There is a small plaque of thanks to George and The George Oliver Foundation on the wall.


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About The Sick Children's Trust -

The Sick Children’s Trust was established in 1982 and currently runs seven "home from home" accomodation facilities around the UK. They provide essential accommodation and amenities to the families of children receiving specialist medical treatment in hospital.

The facilities that The Sick Children's Trust provide means that families are able to stay as close to their children as possible. The facilities also enable children when stable and well enough to get a break from wards, or learn how to cope with a home environment again.

The Sick Children's Trust believes that no child should be separated from their family while in hospital receiving treatment for serious illness – they strive to allow the most basic of medicines to work: family love and support. The Sick Children's Trust exists to support and promote the child's recovery and further to support the fabric and well being of the family as a whole.

Through our own experience we are also aware how valuable and essential this kind of support can be. We are proud to have supported this work.
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