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The George Oliver Foundation contributed funding to part of the Dance Art Foundation “Breathing Space Children’s Programme” at 5 children’s hospices in 2011-2012.

The programme provides movement and dance workshops to children affected by life changing, threatening and limiting illnesses and disabilities.

Our funding enabled an extra six months of sessions to take place with Helen House in Oxford, Little Havens in Essex, Noah's Ark in London, Rainbows in Loughborough and Richard House in London. This funding doubled the reach of the project in 2011-2012. 

Dance Art Foundation delivers movement and dance workshops through its “Breathing Space Children’s Programme” to children, family members and carers. Their objectives are to allow children to express themselves creatively, to increase their physical health and awareness and to assist their mental health. The children’s programme provides inspiring, inclusive and engaging creative movement sessions for children and young people.
We believe that physical health and mental health go hand in hand. We also believe that creativity and the ability to express how you feel are integral to a young person’s emotional well being. The projects that we funded with Dance Art Foundation  provide children who suffer from life-limiting illnesses the chance to express themselves in a supportive and creative environment and it fits closely with our beliefs and aspirations.

Dance Art FoundationDance Art Foundation

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About Dance Art Foundation -
Breathing Space is the celebrated dance-in-health initiative that nurtures and supports public health through dance. It comprises a popular programme of dance workshops, residencies and performances for children, young people, adults and elders. Founded in 2001 and expanded in 2006 with the addition of a dedicated Children’s Programme, Breathing Space consistently achieves its objectives to support and inspire health and wellbeing in a diverse range of children and adults at all stages of life. Dance Art Foundation supports those in hospitals, hospices, psychiatric units, schools and community settings across the UK utilising dance as a unique tool for nurturing physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.
Breathing Space was founded by Dance Art Foundation Artistic Director, Joe Moran, who continues to lead the programme with an outstanding team of freelance project artists working nationally. Breathing Space is widely considered to be a leading approach to integrating dance provision in healthcare and has received national recognition from Arts Council England and Foundation for Community Dance. Breathing Space artists are regularly invited to share their expertises at conferences and universities, and to deliver national and regional training initiatives for both artists and healthcare professionals.
Dance Art Foundation workshops and projects offer a ‘breathing space’ for those living with illness, carers and health practitioners. In supportive and playful environments, they use dance, creative movement, artwork and relaxation to assist participants in living with illness. In partnership with health services, our work aims to assist participants to renew the natural ease and rejuvenation that the body’s inner resources can offer.


Over the past four years, Breathing Space has worked with over 9000 participants and extended its reach by providing specialist dance-in-health training for over 150 health professionals, care staff and play workers.

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