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The George Oliver Foundation has provided funding to Skill Force to enable two young people to participate in the SkillForce education programme for the full duration (two academic years).

The two students we supported gained great benefits from their time with SkillForce including the following feedback we were given - 
- Student A was initially very shy, quiet and lacked confidence. Through the two years she made a real effort to engage in lessons and her confidence steadily grew. This has also meant new friendships being formed where previously she was extremely shy. She completed units 1,2 and 3 of the C3 award and a further three awards during the next academic year, including full First Aid and employability training.

- Student B was also a very shy and quiet person but through the time with SkillForce he began to engage more and more in group work. He made great progress with the SkillForce curriculum and did especially well in outdoor activities, in particluar projects with the Countryside Rangers. Among many achievements he gained a First Aid Award and completed the SkillForce Curriculum and The ASDAN Employability Award. He then went on to achieve the "Junior Sports Leader Award" which is a nationally recognised qualification and is an excellent start in his hopes for a future career in sports leadership.

About SkillForce
SkillForce seeks to ensure that young people are given a chance to achieve through providing them with a combination of classroom learning and outdoor activities. Most often the young people that take part in the Skill Force programme are nominated by their school as those struggling within the mainstream curriculum, those in danger of exclusion or those without support structures that enable them to participate fully in mainstream education. 
Each young person spends one day a week with SkillForce instructors who are highly trained ex-service men and women. They are strong role models and their teaching of the Skill Force programme gives these young people the chance to learn life skills and gain qualifications that will enable them to integrate positively into society.
We decided to support SkillForce as we know there are too many children who leave school and are not in employment, education or training (“NEET”), leading to many future and ongoing difficulties. SkillForce admirably takes the skills of ex-servicemen/women and supports them in assisting children from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve things that they would not do under the traditional educational model. 

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SkillForce is an education charity working with 10,000 young people throughout 150 schools in Great Britain who are in danger of leaving school without the skills and qualifications they need to succeed in life.
►     Each year 35,000 young people leave school without qualifications. 
►     Those finding work are more likely to be in low paid jobs
►     NEET young people are also five times more likely to have a criminal record than other sections of society.
►     Each NEET young person costs the taxpayer £97,000 over the course of their lifetime, with a total annual cost of £3.65 billion.
Young people who leave school without qualifications are four times more likely to be NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) than their peers who have a qualification. In particular, the most disadvantaged – those on Free School Meals are prone to becoming NEET.
Only 9% of those on Free School Meals go into Further Education (FE) whereas 60% of SkillForce graduates go onto Further Education.
93% of SkillForce graduates gain a recognised qualification.
SkillForce makes positive and permanent changes to young peoples’ lives and we are proud to support their fantastic work.

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