The George Oliver Foundation


***Unfortunately we are not able to make this form downloadable from the site. The best thing to do is copy and paste the whole document from this page into a Word Document and work on it from there. Thanks!***



The George Oliver Foundation - Application for Funding


Name of Organisation:




Name of applicant / Job title:




Date of application:




Funding Amount applied for:





How long has your organisation been active?  



What are the main functions and activities of your organisation?



What are the core principles of your organisation?




How are these principals carried into effect through current work and projects?



How many employees work with you? Including volunteers? 



What are the main sources of income for your organisation? 



What is your annual fund-raising target?  






Why are you applying to The George Oliver Foundation for funding?





What would the funding be used for?





How many people will the funding effect and in what way?




Is the funding for something that is already happening?




What will happen without this funding?




How does your application fit with The George Oliver Foundation’s ‘Criteria for Project Funding’ ? 

How did you hear about The George Oliver Foundation?



 Please attach any further information and documents relevant to your application.



Thank you for your application!


The George Oliver Foundation
Registered Charity No. 1135701