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2017/18 projects

In 2017-18 we funded these five projects -

  • Trelya - "Realising Ambition" support project for disadvantaged children in West Cornwall. Trelya is a very experienced charity that works one to one in a mentoring capacity with children over many years, offering support with school, extra curricular activities and family support.

  • Soundabout - music workshops for children with sensory, physical and learning disabilities and their families. Soundabout workshops offer the chance for the whole family to experience something new together and enables children to engage with and create music who may not otherwise be able to do so.

  • Pump Aid - new clean water pump and sanitation project in Malawi. As well as each new water pump Pump Aid also implement a sanitation education project within communities that helps to create positive changes that greatly effect children's health and well-being.

  • The Pace Centre - new equipment for children with motor disorders, including new harnesses and swings to help improve the scope of work that therapists can achieve at the Centre.

  • War Child - Early Years curriculum funding for pre-school child refugees in Jordan. War Child have been working on the ground in Jordan since 2011 and run tailored education projects for refugee children of all ages so that they can continue their education and transition to formal schooling when they have the opportunity. 


Trelya - youth worker support project, West Cornwall

Trelya, the Cornish language word for ‘change’, was founded in 2001, and aims to help children living in chaotic households where there is severe disadvantage, often with parents who themselves had very difficult childhoods. Trelya believes that high quality, proactive, preventative work can make an incredible difference to the futures of children at risk of social exclusion. Using innovative, creative, sustained methods Trelya improve children’s life chances through development of their life skills, motivations and aspirations.   

Children that Trelya support may be living in an environment where aggression, violence, and alcohol and drug misuse are the norm, and where there may be no semblance of a normal family life. Trelya’s professionally-trained youth workers dedicate themselves to helping children break this cycle of social exclusion by providing consistent support and a safe place to come. Evidence confirms that children brought up in deprivation and chaos who then receive consistent care and love from an adult who stays with them for the long term will benefit from life-changing improvements and new better prospects. 

Our contribution of £6,300 has been put towards the costs of the Realising Ambition Project, and Trelya aims to use the donation to cover the full costs of supporting one child through the project. The project is based on the proven success of the Friends of the Children programme which originated 25 years ago in the USA.

You can read more about Trelya on their website here

Soundabout - Music workshops for children with sensory, physical and learning disabilities and their families

Soundabout was founded in Oxford in 1997 and supports disabled children and their families. They help children with complex disabilities to develop their ability to communicate and interact with the world around them through music, rhythm and sound. Soundabout’s music-making techniques help to stimulate communication, physical movement, learning and self-expression. Their techniques also enable those who cannot hold musical instruments or speak to make a positive contribution to music making, as well as developing their ability to interact with the world around them. 

Our £6,000 donation has helped to provide 15 music making sessions during 2017 for children and young people with sensory, physical and learning disabilities. The project is aimed at the needs of children and families who are new to Soundabout. The family weekend sessions will bring whole families (parents and siblings) together to share music making and enjoy the new skills and experiences that Soundabout will introduce.

You can read more about Soundabout and what they do

Pump Aid - clean water provision in Malawi

Pump Aid is a charity that was founded 20 years ago and has gone on to provide over 1.2 million people with clean water, as well as improved sanitation and hygiene education to nearly 9,000 communities. Pump Aid use "simple" pump and washer technology to provide communities in Malawi with a pump system giving access to clean water.

Crucially they also address the whole cycle of water use - by  addressing child toilet facilities and working to implement a programme of hygiene behaviour change with care givers, parents and families. Pump Aid also work with community facilitators to spread a continual message of improving and changing hygiene behaviours resulting in a more healthy environment for children, with better nutrition through productive use of run-off water.

This work all combines to improve health, reduce the spread of water borne diseases, improve nutrition and sanitation and generally create a better living environment for all. A simple idea, but a very effective one and one that we are very glad to support for another year, this time funding one pump and associated community action. 

You can read more about Pump Aid here


The Pace Centre - new support equipment for children with motor disorders

PACE was founded in 1990 as a family-centred charity that provides innovative education for children with motor disorders. Learning is tailored to each child’s individual needs, and is based on the belief that every child has the ability to learn. PACE aims to provide a first-class education, including therapy and support, for children from birth to the age of 18 who have cerebral palsy, related motor disorders and development delay. Support and guidance is also given to their families. The specialist teams devise learning programmes that integrate and blend theory and practice from a range of disciplines, making sure that each child can fully access their education, become active learners, and reach their full potential.

Our £3,000 donation has helped to fund PACE’s Support the Support initiative. Swings and hammocks are an essential part of the occupational therapists’ toolkit to aid the children’s balance, strength and spatial awareness. Hoists also help transfer children from wheelchair to seat or floor. Up to 100 children with some form of motor disorder will benefit from this new and enhanced range of equipment.

You can read more about PACE

War Child - child refugee education support

War Child UK was founded in 1993 and places local teams in countries where the most vulnerable young people are living in some of the world’s most dangerous conflict zones. Many larger NGO’s link with War Child teams for their renowned and specific on the ground expertise.

War Child’s vision looks forward to a world in which the lives of children are no longer torn apart by war. For children, war often means no more school because it’s too dangerous, or simply because there are no schools or clubs. War Child work to ensure that these children have access to classes in maths, literacy and life skills, and prepare them to re-join formal education streams when that becomes possible and to claim their right to a quality education.

Our £7,500 donation has covered part of the cost of developing the second stage of an adapted curriculum in Early Childhood Development, directed at the thousands of child refugees from Syria living in Jordan. This initiative “Education in Emergency” will be used with children aged 4 to 6 to ensure that they are equipped with the required skills to enter formal schooling at grade 1 primary level. The two-part pre-school curriculum, developed in collaboration with the Jordanian Ministry of Education, will benefit over 8,000 children.

You can read more about all War Child's work


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