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West London Action for Children


West London Action For Children is a small independent charity that provides help, guidance and support to families and children around West London.


For over 90 years they have been working to better the life chances of vulnerable children and their families. They work with families in need who are on low income and who are faced with other challenges such as experience of abuse, domestic violence, mental illness and social isolation. 

WLAC offer a free preventive counselling and therapy service to children, young people, parents and carers to promote their long-term emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. Working with over 400 families every year.

In 2010 and 2011 The George Oliver Foundation provided funding for a therapist to facilitate a term of a therapy group for vulnerable children in a local school, dealing with bullying, low self-esteem, parental separation and social isolation. 


We have been continually impressed by the dedication and achievements of all at WLAC. Working with such a small organisation you can really see the direct impact they are having on the lives of the familes they work with. They don't have the profile or fundraising capability of many of the larger children's charities, but the work they do is hugely effective and the help really does go right to where it is most needed.



About the project - 

"Our Place" is a therapeutic initiative for children in need at Melcombe Primary School in West London. WLAC provide therapeutic work including counselling and play-therapy practices – helping children cope with such significant challenges as bereavement, parental illness and domestic violence.

By providing therapies in schools to these children, school becomes a less threatening place, playground violence is reduced and thanks to the support given, children are able to cope with difficult events in their lives.

We are very pleased to have supported this important initiative.


About West London Action for Children -

Research consistently shows that in order to help a child it is also essential to work with the significant adults in their lives. WLAC therefore work with parents and other family members as well as with children.


Having worked with WLAC, parents say they are able to make life enhancing and long-term changes and seize opportunities for their families. They become more confident, they become better at making good relationships, they are more resilient to adversity and are able to deal with substance abuse issues.


Importantly, parents also build their parenting skills.  All this has direct positive benefits for the emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing of their children now and in the long term.

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