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Kids Company is a multi award-winning London based charity that works hard to improve the lives of vulnerable inner-city children throughout the capital. Using a holistic and pioneering approach they are currently helping over 14,000 children and young people towards a better life. 

In 2010 The George Oliver Foundation helped to fund the Kids Company Drama Club.


The Kids Company Drama Club is part of the after school programme “Club Time”, created to work with children from deprived homes who have suffered traumatic childhoods, and empower them to become pro-social young people.  Kids Company do this by becoming a second family to the child - picking them up from school, giving them new experiences through a vast range of activities, eating dinner with them and dropping them home. 


The Drama Club has a wide range of positive impacts for the children. Kids Company always strive to give these children a chance to be children – whilst engrossed in activities, children often 'lose themselves' to the burdens of their everyday lives. The activities can also give the children a chance to shine – many of the children suffer negativity from adults in their lives, either at home or at school. Kids Company gives them relentless positivity, thus helping them to develop and fine tune their skill sets.


By introducing these children to joyful activities, such as the Drama Club, Kids Company try and reconnect the child to their desire to live because their imagination is set alight with new possibilities beyond the misery that they've experienced. It gives them hope and with it they aspire and enjoy achieving.


The Kids Company Drama Club involves children from some of the most deprived homes in London and the Drama Club has allowed them develop and create a supportive peer group where they not only create incredible performances, but have to rely on each other for support and encouragement.


Kids Company Visit 2010
When we visited Kids Company we were lucky enough to be given a full tour of the Kids Company Centre in South London and see some of where your amazing support has been going.

We arrived at 4pm with the Centre in full flow, all the kids bursting with energy and fully engaged in the huge range of activities that take place every day - everything from art to cooking to table tennis and more.
The highly-skilled team of professionals that work with some of these most vulnerable children in London, clearly do exemplary work. In terms of engagement with creativity and learning but also in taking care of the fundamental needs of children who simply do not have parental support. We continue to be very proud supporters of Kids Company and their ground-breaking work.

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